Edda Manriquez, graduated from CalArts in May 2014 with an MFA in Film and Video. Her art reflects the anxieties spread across her lifetime and her subconscious refusal to eliminate these fears. 

Edda Procel Manriquez is a performance and experimental horror film and video artist.
Edda's films encompass hidden fears, repressed anxieties, gothic settings, and fantastical creatures. The hero always trapped within their monstrous shell. Innocence in search of freedom. Hidden caves, ghouls, and goblins.
Edda's films capture the tragic beauty and suspense of the classic fable and the eeriness of a present fairy tale. 
She attended the University of California San Diego where she got her B.A. in Visual Arts, Communications, and Stage Management. 
Edda is a community activist and has devoted her art form towards assisting others, specifically under represented youth communities in the Southern California region.
She has worked with AmeriCorps, AltaMed, Youth Policy Institute, and other non-profits

Edda created Handtrinopolis Entertainment in 2010, an indepedent production company as a way to perpetuate her own artwork and assist non-profits with promotional videos and media.


Additionally, Edda owns and operates Sleeping with a Dead Girl Horror Boutique, an indepdent shop aimed at fostering indepedence in young women.


Edda is the founder of Les Femmes Underground International, a women's film festival. She is currently the festival programmer and currently works for an Archive in Southern California.





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